locked Re: Sudden blindness to sound card and ports windows 10 #AudioIssues #Cat_RigControl #IssueReport


Thank you for the reply, Bill.  Since last post I did another "hail mary" by uninstalling and deleting all the folders including those in appdata, and downloading a fresh copy.  This gave me a fresh install with nothing set.  Unfortunately, no joy. The symptoms persist.  Here is the result of the run of your audio_devices_enumeration.exe. Aside from showing only one of the input devices, the inventory appears complete.  The C-Media is what the Kenwood is connected to. USB AUDIO CODEC (which is a Signalink) is for the FT-817.  The windows card is the SB X-FI. Happy to do any other testing you might suggest.  Chris, AB6QK.

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