locked Re: CQ instead of 73 #FT8



That is definitely NOT the behavior I observe.

Like you, I click the "Enable Tx" immediately after logging the contact.

In the snapshot below, when that second RR73 was sent at 173600, "Enable Tx" was enabled.
It did not cycle back to another 73 from me.
Instead, it sent the CQ at 173615.

I then had to click "Halt Tx," click the radio button for my "73" message, and then click "Enable Tx."

I wouldn't mind that so much except by the time all that is done, they often don't get the 73 and so I need to send another one just to be sure.

Bill, double-clicking on the message at 173600 would have made no difference.
The CQ message is sent - not the 73 response to his RR73.

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