Locked Re: #bugreport JT4 decodes crash v2.4.0-rc1 #IssueReport

g3wdg <charlie@...>

Hi David

I think that's happening because you were on a submode letter (f) when in
JT4 and when going to Q65 that would have persisted as the selected

There is currently no f submode coded in WSJT-X and when a decode is
attempted it may crash with that error.

I believe that this has been fixed already and will be in the next release.

For now, just reselect a valid submode having switched to Q65.

The other, and better, approach is not to just switch modes, but create
configurations for them using the configuration menu and following the
instructions in the User Guide. That way, your preferred settings for
different modes will be retained.


Charlie G3WDG

It was happeneing to me yesterday when trying to decode a couple of 23cm
beacons that run JT4g.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro on an Intel i5, 3.2GHz with 4GB RAM, if that

Today, when I swapped from FT8 to Q65 it happened again.  Error message
as follows;

Running: C:\WSJT\RC1\wsjtx\bin\jt9 -s WSJT-X -w 1 -m 3 -e
C:\WSJT\RC1\wsjtx\bin -a C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\WSJT-X -t

At line 24 of file C:\Users\bill\src\k1jt\wsjtx\lib\spec64.f90

Fortran runtime error: Array bound mismatch for dimension 1 of array 'cs'

Error termination. Backtrace:

Could not print backtrace: libbacktrace could not find executable to open

#0 0xffffffff

#1 0xffffffff

#2 0xffffffff

#3 0xffffffff

#4 0xffffffff

#5 0xffffffff

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