locked Re: Q65 on Six Meter 50.275 #Q65


Why disable Averaging?

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

On Feb 16, 2021, at 1:49 PM, Hasan Schiers N0AN <hbasri.schiers6@...> wrote:

The vast majority of us are running :

Q65-30A on 50.275
That is 30 sec T/R and Submode A

For lower power, super weak signals we are using

Q65-120E on 50.235
T/R 120 seconds and Submode E

These were chosen for an absence of LAN spikes and WiFi Spikes that are common to heavily populated neighborhoods. The are just current watering holes, not 'official' assignments.

If you want to monitor, Q65-30A 50.275 is your best bet for a place to find activity.

Decode : FAST (deep off); Enable Averaging OFF
F Tol 20 Hz (be sure to set rx to the qso partner freq)

73, N0AN

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