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Jacques Pecourt

On numerous occasions I found that I lost the communication between the radio and my desktop for some unknown reasons, probably another MS update (too many of them). What happened ? Starting WSJT-X (after the radio was turned ON), the screen tab where the frequency appears is RED instead of black. The CAT test button also remains red when checked. Here is the quick way I correct the issue. Step 1: Right click on the taskbar speaker icon which is not responsive. Step 2: From the RUN command, open the task manager and scroll down to the long list of "Processes" until you find "Windows Explorer" (way toward the bottom). Once located, highlight it, then click on "Restart".  Step 3: Reboot the computer, then verify by clicking the speaker icon that you can now toggle between several speakers options (Realtek, USB Codec and others if any). Step 4: Be sure to select the USB Codec option. Turn on the radio and re-open WSJT-X. The frequency tab is now back to the black colour with yellow frequency numbers.  Issue fixed every time.

Using WSJT-X ver. 2.1.2 0068f4 - TX 590gsg - Win 10 pro ver 2004 (os build 19041 804).

Jacques W2/F2YS

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