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Hi Bill.

Thanks for the reply, yes i have that package installed.
I can decode a little with sound set to;
all other audio settings result in either no decode or error(s)

"Error in Sound Output"
Requested output
audio format is not
supported on device

It will only decode if i have the volume trued up to get a reading on the Db scale.
when i enable tx or hit the tune button i get sound out of the speakers and no power out of the rig.
I am doing something wrong but i just can seem to find what it is.

Thanks for the help.

Richard PA3GCU

Bill Somerville schreef op 16 feb '21:

On 16/02/2021 08:49, Pa3gcu wrote:
Hi all.

Firstly thanks to the developers for there work.

Question, is anybody using a microham MK3 on Linux, I have mine working for 90% however sound is mt problem.
command id shows permission for dialout, audio and mhuxd.

I'm missing something but i just can't hit the jackpot. Maybe someone has this device running and can supply me with his/her configuration.
Using ubuntu 20.04 wsjtx V 2.1.2 installed via apt.
Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day 73 Richard PA3GCU.

Hi Richard,

have you installed the libqt5multimedia5-plugins package?


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