locked JT9 vs FST4 vs Q65 #Q65

John, K9MM

I've been trying without success to make a QSO with a station in SE Asia on 80M using FT8. This is a polar path, going right through the Auroral zone where absorption is high.

We have decided to try one of the more sensitive modes such as JT9. The Quick-Start Guide to FST4 and FST4W says FST4-60 is 1.7dB more sensitive than JT9. But it also says that FST4 was designed particularly for the LF and MF bands.

Since 80M is (barely) in the HF range, I'm wondering if there is any data on how it's performance on that band compares with JT9? I'm also wondering if the fact that the desired path goes through the Auroral zone has any influence on the relative performance of the two modes on that band?

I also have the same questions about the Q65 mode.


John, K9MM

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