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Robert Swain

The receiver is set up as you suggest. I am referring to the slider on the left side of the screen which I believe is the receiving volume. I did uninstall zoom, but it is still doing the same thing. Working for a while and then the receive will not rise above 38 and I can not decode any signals at that level.

On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 2:24 PM Karl Beckman <wa8nvw@...> wrote:
When you say "my input sound has been dropping on its own to about 35 for no good reason," are you referring to receiver to computer input or computer to transmitter input?  If you mean that the vertical bar receiver level indicator drifts back down to 35dB, turn off any and all audio processing features: your AGC, noise limiter, notch filter, digital noise reduction, etc. It's often your receiver's AGC fighting with the auto-level built into the WSJTX decoder software.

Also, if you have installed Zoom on the shack computer, uninstall it right now.  Their default setup allows Zoom to override your manual settings for both transmit and receive audio levels. It substitutes gain values from your last previous Zoom meeting.  I learned that one the hard way!
Karl  WA8NVW  OH

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