Re: "Remember power settings by band" changes behavior unexpectedly #BugReport

Bill Somerville

On 15/02/2021 17:44, Ken WB8UFC wrote:

I have two rigs currently running WSJT-X v2.3.0.

One is an ICOM IC-7300 v1.3

The other is a Yaesu FTDX10.


Because I use external antenna tuners on both, I have checked both the "Transmit" and "Tune" check boxes in the "Remember power settings by band" group box on the "Audio" tab and set the "Pwr" slider to the values I prefer on each band.

This is a very nice time-saving feature and it works as expected on the FTDX10.


But on the IC-7300, after using the "Tune" button, I will often need to "cycle" the transmitter before it will produce power.

More specifically...


I click the Tune button and then click it again to cease transmission.

Then, I click the Enable Tx button and wait for the next transmission cycle.

When transmission begins, it's often a 0 Watt transmission - by which, I mean that the IC-7300's fan comes on, the Vd drops slightly, and the Id shows a few amps - but Po is zero on the rig as well as the external meters.


The Pwr slider is at the correct (non-zero) position at all times.

Disabling and re-enabling transmission causes normal operation to resume. 

I have found that clicking on the "Tx even/1st" check box twice (cycling the transmitter) is the easiest/quickest way to get things working properly again, but clicking "Halt Tx" followed by "Enable Tx" works as well.


This occurs on all bands and I can cause it to occur with at most 3 attempts, almost always with 2, and frequently with only 1 attempt.


No RFI problems in the well-grounded shack.


Baud rate is 19200.

Tx delay is .2 s.




Hi Ken,

I'm not sure I see the link your subject implies, are you saying that disabling the recall Tx and Tune power by band options fixes this issue?


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