Re: #Cat_RigControl #mac #Cat_RigControl #mac

Thanks to Bill, G4WJS, who put me on the right path. Now all is working.

But one thing at the end of the process that I should mention is that it would only transmit a couple times and then it had no output.

I tried calling CQ on an empty band for a test. It quit after three times. After I exited from the program and reloaded, it went through the sequence again.

After poking around on the internets I read something that triggered a memory of when I first started. The solution to this particular problem is to reduce the sampling rate of the transmitted audio (go to Audio MIDI in Utilities on the Mac.) I changed it from 48khz to 44.1 khz. after that it worked fine. It's a pretty obscure solution. the only reason I knew it was because somebody put me on to it a year ago.

Good luck to all and stay safe!
73, Rip K3XO

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