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Hi Gene,

very detailed and clear answer - many thanks for that.
I have heard about other virtual tools to do the same I try to do. I also tried VSPE some time ago - but with the SDRCONSOLE and QO100 all colleagues reported to use OMNIRIG.


So I have good experience with OMNIRIG which offers a similar platform as you indicate. Unfortunately its WSJT-X which seems not to work properly with opening the ports to or via OMNIRIG. Although it is selectable to be supported ???


It was my hope that someone gives me a hint to click on a special box and all problems are gone . . much too idealistic I guess - - hi hi.


I guess I ´ll have to restart the setup trying alternatives as you mentioned -  I have written to Alex VE3NEA about my problem but no response at all.

The fact that the connection sporadically works gave me the idea its really about on box to click.


OK ham radio is a world of try and error and I need to look for another path to success.


Again thanks for your ideas I  will look deeper into your hints.


73 Lutz


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I will add to the response "It sounds like more than one program is trying to access the same port", except my suffix will be "for sure" instead of maybe.  At least that is my assessment. here is what I do, which I think is just a bigger version of what your trying to accomplish.

I run WSJT-X, DXLab Commander (multi-rig CAT controller program and use a RIGblaster Advantage for sound, and for CW/FSK PTT control with my TS-590SG, all through one USB physical port.  I setup VSPE Serial port emulator (freeware but 64 bit version is reasonable price) running to provide a port Splitter device configured to take the COM port my radio claims in Device Manager, and splits it to add a virtual COM port. My WSJT-X program is configured to use this particular virtual COM port number.  As for PTT control, I have WSKJT-X set to use VOX, with my RB Advantage switch-selected to VOX, TX control.  Works like a peach.

Besides WSJT-X, I use a number of other ham software programs.  I also have  DXLab Commander multirig CAT control for two radios.  I chose to use one of these two radios with all of my software programs.  The Multirig tab in Commander needed that radio to also change from the physical COM port number, to the same Virtual COM port number.  Some of these programs needed some additional control signals like FSK for RTTY as well as PTT control needed by WSJT-X.  For that, I have another serial port utility provided by WEST MOUNTAIN with the RB Advantage with it's "Port Split",that provides that PTT control, or I can use VOX control. Yeah, it gets a bit deep in my case.

Not that its important to this thread but I also have an IC-7300 tied into DXLab Commander as a secondary radio.  Everything the TS-590SG does for Band, Freq and Mode changes, the 7300 follows which is of course connected to the PC with its own physical USB cable and COM port.   If I change Band, Freq and Mode on the 7300, even using the touch screen on its band scope, the 590SG follows those commands.  The Commander program ties these radios together for Band, Freq and Mode interaction while at the same time, VSPE and WM Port Split provide the other software programs the ability to work with the 590SG which is my choice to use as the tranciever.  7300 doesn't meet my demands for a transceiver.  I instead use it mostly as a sound-muted secondary receiver, either in sync with, or separated from the 590. With some mechanical switching and RF isolation, this secondary receiver meets my needs for having a band scope for the 590SG that is either totally in sync, and using the same antenna.  Or I can put the 7300 on a different antenna for diversity reception.  Or I can stop CAT program interaction so that I can roam bands, modes and frequencies independently.  In other words, my TS-590SG effectively has a built in 2nd receiver and a band scope via software control and some switching. All of this while multiple software programs co-exist to allow me to log, operate digital modes including AFSK or FSK (the  latter because of the RB Advantage), use the 7300's TTY decoder, use the band scope for the 590 or independent of the 590. Just about anything a dual receiver built into one more expensive rig can do, or a TS-890S linked to a TS-590SG.

The point here is while my setup is a more complex version of what your presently trying to do. Same thing though;
This is just like two, or more cars traveling in the same lane in the same direction, and never colliding with each other.
And then another lane in the opposite direction with cars also not wrecking.   

I will admit it was a brain twister for me to get all of the software programs configured to play nice on the inbound and outbound freeway lanes.  I humbly approached WEST MOUNTAIN support for some help because a lot of this involved their RB device.  A particular support guy with WM was incredibly helpful for me.  I imagine MICROHAM can lend a hand if you purchased your micro KEYER III new from then.  I think your interface needs are fundamentally similar to my RB even though my RB is phsyically connected to my PC on a separate physical USB cable & port, but yours has lot more functions and features. Ask their support about what your trying to do with one program on the same USB physical port line as your micro KEYER III & radio are connected via "passthru", or daisy chained cabling.  

Meanwhile, you have command and data whizzing duplex between the radio and the computer and then when a program is launched its like stacking two cars in the same spot in one direction and two more cars on top of each other in the other direction.  You just need to space the cars in these two lanes so that the data/commands come and go to their destinations without running into each other.

I would suggest copy/pasting this reply text into Word or other document to have on the table.  maybe underline or highlight somethings unless this info just doesn't fit your issue at all.

Gene / K7TXO

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