locked Re: Sudden blindness to sound card and ports windows 10 #AudioIssues #Cat_RigControl #IssueReport


That has nothing to do with audio ... that's a CAT control error.   

As far as sound cards, what are you using for a sound card?  Built in card, USB soundcard, etc?

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 2/13/2021 7:04 PM, Chris wrote:
I'm using different hashtags now that I have the hang of this.

I cannot get wsjt-x to see sound cards, and the com ports do not work either. I suspect this happened when a windows update came, but I've backed those of to no avail.

MIXW4 works fine with the same settings as always.Here's what eventually happens:  What does this mean?  The rig is there and other programs use it just fine.

Chris, AB6QK

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