locked Re: Linux and WSJTX on FT-920 cannot control rig #Cat_RigControl #linux

Bill Somerville

On 14/02/2021 02:46, Scott Downard wrote:
I had a recent Windows 7 failure. I was able to save my data, but had to scrap Windows 7 and installed Linux Mint. I was able to install WSJT-X, but I am not able to gain rig control to my Yaesu FT-920. I had no issues on the Window platform. Does anybody have suggestions or ways to get this to work on Linux with my radio?

Thank you,

Scott, N7SMD


you tell us nothing about how your rig is connected for CAT control. I will hazard a guess that you have not added your Linux user to the dialout group, until you do that you will not have permission to use serial port devices.

sudo adduser dialout $USER

They restart your desktop session or reboot if you do not understand what that entails.


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