Locked Re: #FT8 Can't get my FT-991A om 60M #FT8


On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 10:16 AM, Jon Ermels wrote:
I didn't try DATA-USB because I couldn't originally get it to work on FT8 at all. USB in and out did so I  left it that way and haven't had a problem since.
I was away from the hobby for 30 years and the FT-991A was the first rig I procured upon return. So, everything but the fundamentals were completely foreign. 

I got the rig working FT8 on SSB first (mostly by accident through trial and error). Once I realized the manual's use of "USB" didn't always mean Upper Sideband and sometimes meant Universal Serial Bus, things started to become more clear :)

Observing that every online recommendation suggested different settings and noting that many of them simply didn't make sense with even my rudimentary knowledge of the radio (like changing baud rates for a port that obviously wasn't used) I quickly concluded that many others had accidentally gotten their setup to work and then just published their settings.

So I decided to ignore everything but the manual and took the time to learn what each of the 150+ settings actually does (to the minimal extent the manual explains them).

I was then able to set up the radio to work using the recommended Data method or the USB method.
I use the Data method because it leaves the USB settings for USB.
I work 6M on a different rig.

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