locked Re: #Q65 Managing Expectations #Q65


Good morning,
I must admit, for the very first "shot" of Q65 it works great. Can't wait for improvements...
Its" lockdown-time" and what else can you do : This week I ran my "personal testseries" with some stations on 6m and 2m and compared it with the "known modes" My first impression is, that under marginal conditions, where the signal was barely visible in the waterfall, I got lot better results than with FT8. But there are not yet so many stations being QRV in Q65 at the same time. It is early in the year and the season yet to come.
The mode Q65_60C outperformed JT65A each time of my 7 tests. Next week I will have the chance to try it on 23cm EME.
So, keep up the fine work.
73 de Christoph (DF9CY)

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