Locked #Q65 Managing Expectations #Q65

David Ackrill

There's been a lot of excitement and expectation that has been created by the release of the Q65 series of modes, in my opinion.

There's been chatter about these being "the next new..." enter your mode here...

However, from what I've seen so far, Q65 *is not* a replacement for FT8 or FT4 and it certainly isn't going to be a major fast mode for quick contacts during short propagation modes such as Sporadic-E.  I don't think it was ever designed as such, but some peoples expectations seem to be that they wanted it to be.

There have been comments, on chat rooms that I've been part of, about it being "Slow" and problems with fading or not seeing any signals.

Well, if there is no signal, you cannot copy anything. I keep saying something from the series 'Star Trek' the Chief Engineer, Scotty, says "Ye canna change the laws of physics, Captain" and he is right.  If there is no signal, you wont see any decodes. However, if there is a slight signal and you are prepared to wait for several periods of TX and RX you might piece together a signal and see messages that are built up over time.  It will *not* be as fast as an FT8 QSO, you won't be able to work 20 DXCC countries in 20 minutes, because *it just doesn't work like that*.

Maybe, eventually, the "work them fast and move on" people will migrate back to FT8 or FT4 and those who are prepared to wait a while, let the system average the signal over a few cycles and, eventually, complete a contact will work a few more km over marginal paths that need a bit more time to complete...

Dave (G0DJA)


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