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Rex Moncur

Hi Joe


Checking Sh to send single tones such as @1000 Hz = tune,  @1250 Hz=Send Messages, @1500 Hz=RRR and @1750 Hz=73 is the expected behaviour.  It is used to complete very weak or marginal QSOs on microwaves as has been implemented on QRA64  for the last few years and now on Q65.  See below.  If the pictures don't get through this reflector send me and email to rmoncur  AT bigpond.net.au and I will send your this email direct.





While Single tones  can also be used at VHF one needs to take more care to make sure they derive from the station you are working so they probably won't generally be used at VHF where there are many more stations operating.  The SH double tones as used on JT65 are no longer available  as these are 3 dB weaker than single tones and have little advantage with the more sensitive Q65.  But their use is still subject to review by the Development Team.


On receive you read the Single tones directly from the waterfall or if signals are very weak you read them from the Linear Average Spectrum Graph which integrates them over the full TX period.  On QRA64 the use of these tones  gives 4 to 5 dB advantage in completing a QSO after callsigns and full numerical reports are exchanged in the normal way.  As Q65 is more sensitive you won't get quite this much benefit.    To get the 1250 Hz tone you need to tick the TX6 box next to Call 1st which changes the message in TX6 box from 1000 Hz to 1250 Hz as below:






73 Rex VK7MO

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