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Bill Somerville

Hi Joe,

that is expected behaviour. The short code messages in Q65 mode *are* single tones. Single tones are used by some EME operators to complete QSOs with maximum sensitivity.


On 12/02/2021 20:48, Joe Dz wrote:

I found out what the issue was, and it is not configuration change related but it only happens when in Q65.


On the IC-9700, I had Sh checked from the last time I ran MSK144 on 2 meters.  So, no matter which rig or configuration, clicking on Sh changes the Tx6 box from CQ K1YOW FN42 to @1000 (TUNE).  If I uncheck Sh, the CQ K1YOW FN42 comes back.  Likewise checking and un-checking Sh also toggles the Tx6 check box from grayed-out to not.


So....I accidently had Sh checked in Q65 mode, but it may still be unwanted behavior replacing CQ K1YOW FN42 with @1000 (TUNE) when Sh is checked.


Joe, K1YOW



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All seems to work well.  Just a couple of small things to report so far.  I run a TR590SG in one configuration and an IC-9700 in a second configuration.  Running V2.4.0-rc1, Windows 10, 64 bit.

1. In the TS590SG configuration on 50.275, Q65-30A, the Tx6 check box next to the Call 1st is gray and can not be checked.  All else seems to work just fine.

2. When I change configurations to the IC-9700 and go to 144.170 Q65-30A, the Tx6 check box is no longer gray.  However, my CQ K1YOW FN42 inside of Tx6 now reads: @1000 (TUNE).  If I put in CQ K1YOW FN42, all is OK for the CQ.  I then switched back to the TS590SG and Tx6 still has my call.  So just to see, I switched again to the IC-9700 configuration, and Tx6 again showed @1000 (TUNE) instead of CQ K1YOW FN42.

All in all, I have V2.4.0-rc1 working fine so far and it coexists just fine with fldigi as well using W10 64 bits.

73, Joe, K1YOW

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