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Hello all

I just swapped in my Kenwood TS-590sg and attempted to get it up and running with WSJTX. I had had this setup working nicely a few months ago but I put in a different radio for a while.

When I had difficulties ended up updating my logging program (MacLoggerDX) and JSJTX as well as the Silicon Labs USB drivers that are required for the radio.

What I get is this error:

Hamlib error: Communication timed out

rig.c(972):rig_open return while opening connection to rig

Here is my WJTX Configuration. As far as I can tell it is no different from when it was working OK before

When I have the logging program and WSJTX open I can receive and display the traffic on the air. I just don't seem to be able to connect so I can transmit and make contacts.

I am at this point stumped as to what to do to get it working. Will appreciate some guidance.
73, Rip K3XO

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