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I am using OMNIRIG 1.19 together with SDR console V3.0.26, FT817 with microham USB III interface and it´s virtual coms.

All settings OK all function OK for the SAT.


Now I want to add WSJT-X  V2.3.0 for the digi modes but:
It does not work!

Error message is OMNIROG: Timeout  waiting for update from rig.


The rig and the interface communication is OK and the SDR console as well.

Working direct with WSJT-X and FT817 via USB Interface III is no problem.

The funny thing is, by whatever reason sometimes when I start the WSJT-X program it works all of a sudden!
Than I can run the digi modes until I close the program - no chance any more.


I have not encountered the principle and reason why it works sporadically.


- No program runs in admin mode
- System is WIN10-64, PC Intel i3 NUC with Intel chip set.

I could not test with OMNIRIG V2 as it cannot be selected from WSJT (???)


Any hint is really appreciated
Lutz, DL9DAN


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