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Ironically, the only device showing is the Windows Default.  No, the device needed is not the Windows default. The device I'm using for the Kenwood is a c-media pci card, which works fine with other programs, and was working with wsjt-x until the last few days.

Again, the device shows in device manager as working properly, and mixw4 can see it and use it fine. It doesn not show up in wsjt-x settings at all.

I'm suspicious of a Windows update breaking something wsjt-x uses.  I had no improvement rolling back the last windows update.  There was also a security update that I have not rolled back yet, so that might be the next step.

Chris, AB6QK

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On 12/02/2021 16:35, Chris wrote:
Thanks for the reply Bob.  Unfortunately, that isn't what is happening here.  It is still bad a day later.  Other applictions see the ports and cards just fine
Is the required device set as Windows Default?
If so WSJT-X will not show it.
This is to stop other noises entering your TX audio.
Set something else as default.
73 Alan G4ZFQ

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