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There was just a Windows 10 update.    This happens each and every time MS sends out an update.   

If you're using a single USB connection for CAT and audio, the answer that I've seen given and used is to disconnect the USB cable, reinstall the ICOM drivers, connect the USB cable.   The rig needs to be on when you do the connection.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 2/12/2021 10:35 AM, Chris wrote:
Thanks for the reply Bob.  Unfortunately, that isn't what is happening here.  It is still bad a day later.  Other applictions see the ports and cards just fine so it wouldn't be a windows lockout.  If I were to hazard a guess I'd say maybe a change in an API that broke WSJT-X access.  This may take some time an effort to untangle.  I'm hoping the gurus will see this and offer a suggestion.

Chris, AB6QK

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My audio device for IC-7300  disappears when a windows update has been pending / waiting for shutdown, update, restart.  Happened 15 minutes ago when I powered off rig, and powered it on again.  I assume WSJTx had a lock on the device which was released when I shut them down, then Windows took the lock.  Upon power up of IC-7300 and restart of WSJTx, my audio device was missing as windows set a lock.  I then let shutdown, update, restart proceed.  All was fine afterwards.  This happened about 20 minutes ago.




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Has anyone had the program just stop recognizing devices on the computer in windows 10?

They don't appear in the pick list for the settings.  But, Mixw 2 through 4 work fine and see everything (as does device manager)

I have:
backed off the last win 10 update.
uninstalled and reinstalled
run a registry cleaner

and, it ran fine last time it was used.

Chris, AB6QK

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