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Thanks for the reply Bob.  Unfortunately, that isn't what is happening here.  It is still bad a day later.  Other applictions see the ports and cards just fine so it wouldn't be a windows lockout.  If I were to hazard a guess I'd say maybe a change in an API that broke WSJT-X access.  This may take some time an effort to untangle.  I'm hoping the gurus will see this and offer a suggestion.

Chris, AB6QK

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My audio device for IC-7300  disappears when a windows update has been pending / waiting for shutdown, update, restart.  Happened 15 minutes ago when I powered off rig, and powered it on again.  I assume WSJTx had a lock on the device which was released when I shut them down, then Windows took the lock.  Upon power up of IC-7300 and restart of WSJTx, my audio device was missing as windows set a lock.  I then let shutdown, update, restart proceed.  All was fine afterwards.  This happened about 20 minutes ago.




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Has anyone had the program just stop recognizing devices on the computer in windows 10?

They don't appear in the pick list for the settings.  But, Mixw 2 through 4 work fine and see everything (as does device manager)

I have:
backed off the last win 10 update.
uninstalled and reinstalled
run a registry cleaner

and, it ran fine last time it was used.

Chris, AB6QK

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