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Are you scanning the list on the web or via eMail?

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On 2/9/21 4:15 AM, m_scot_alex wrote:
For what it's worth, I like the hashtags; there are many topics on this list that I don't care about and these hashtags provide a fast way of visually skimming these threads. And, despite what has been written on this, most lists and forums that I use that aren't amateur radio-related /do/ use tags and hashtags.
Another point: the list owner isn't one of the WSJT-X developers (please correct me if I'm wrong) but this list is frequently used by the developers, who are programmers and are likely used to higher degree of topic organization and identification than has existed here in the past. I don't think it's too much of an imposition on the user-base to help them keep things organized and the griping about the use of organization tools such as hashtags on the basis of resembling "social media" is churlish and ignores where these symbols actually originated - programming and related activities. Many, if not most, open-source projects such as this use code repositories such as Github as the primary means of interacting with the developers and these are much, much less user-friendly than this list, even with the dreaded hashtags.
Mike - N8MSA

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