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Hello Dennis,

I have used a TS-2000 but with a SL USB. So have you connected the 2000 via the serial port and have that working for cat control?

The audio line is a separate line and I would suggest you seek a RigBlaster forum. I assume the P&P means plug 'n' play. So if you are not seeing the appropriate listing in device manager then something is wrong. WSJT-X will use the audio drivers that you point to on the audio tab of WSJT-X settings.

I hope that the above points you in the right direction.


On 7 Feb 2021, at 21:57, Dennis Jacobson <n6ngdennis@...> wrote:

Hello all... Please add me to the list of those who lost the USB audio. I've looked through all the #audioissues and not found one that relates to what I'm getting. Its and "Error in Sound Input" "An error opening the audio input device has occurred". I've tried to remove all the USB ports and rebooted thinking the correct USB drivers might be installed... I've removed the Sound, video and game controllers and rebooted and they have reinstalled and I still have the same error message... I tried the removal of the USB cable and powered down the radio, rebooted the computer and then the Sound, video and game controllers reinstalled what looked like the same as before..
I even upgraded from WSJTX 2.2.0 to WSJTX 2.3.0. I don't know what else to try.
Equipment: Kenwood TS 2000, RigBlaster P&P, Windows 10 pro.
Any thing else I've missed in correcting this problem?
Dennis N6NG


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