Locked Re: FST4 modes with TS-890S - slow RF envelope rise problem #txaudio

Bill Somerville

On 05/02/2021 15:53, Peter Hall, VK6HP wrote:
Thank you to the WSJT-X team for incorporating a "no shaping" option into v2.3.0.  It will be greatly appreciated by many FST4 and FST4W users. Reading the release notes, the comment is:

 FST4/W: Disable envelope  shaping at start and  end of transmission
   when environment variable FST4_NOSHAPING=1. Works for fst4sim too.

Not being a Windows power user, I wonder if someone might tell me the easiest way of setting the required environment variable?  My WSJT-X 64-bit installation is pretty standard, with default paths etc.  The v2.3.0 manual gave some clues about the use of environment variables for other applications but I must admit that a quick search hasn't turned up the variable list I was expecting.

73, and thanks,

Hi Peter,

there are several ways you can do it. Environment variables can be set in MS WIndows at the system level, at the user level, and in each process. You probably want the user level option which will set it for all processes started by your user. You set them in the "Control panel->System->Advanced system settings->Environment variables" panel, just add a new user variable called FST4_NOSHAPING and give it a value of 1.


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