Re: Version 2.3.0 64 bit will not install #install

Martin G0HDB

Just to add my recent experiences to this thread...

In late October 2020 I commissioned a new PC for my 'radio' apps - the PC is a Dell 3070 with an i7-9500 CPU, 16G RAM and a 512GB SSD, running (64-bit) Win 10 Pro.  I installed WSJT-X v2.2.2 on the new PC and everything worked absolutely fine.

I didn't get round to trying any of the -rc versions of v2.3.0 but a couple of days ago I decided to upgrade to the GA release of v2.3.0, at which point I discovered that for some unfathomable reason I'd installed the 32-bit version of v2.2.2 when I'd installed it on the new PC last year!  Anyway, I downloaded the installer for the 64-bit version of v2.3.0 and then ran the installer...

The installation went absolutely smoothly and painlessly, without any hitches apart from me having to install the 64-bit version of OpenSSL, and v2.3.0 is behaving and performing without any issues whatsoever so as far as I'm concerned all is well.  My grateful thanks to Joe, Steve and Bill, and all the rest of the development team, fo another excellent piece of work - great stuff, guys!

Martin G0HDB

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