locked Re: Is this supposed to happen? #IssueReport #FoxAndHound

Dave Garber

I have had this done to me too, and believe it to be normal operation

Dave Garber

On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 7:06 PM Tony Collett via groups.io <tony.nbs=btinternet.com@groups.io> wrote:
Hi Group
I had an intriguing experience yesterday calling a Fox on 30m

When my call was selected my Tx was correctly moved to the Fox frequency but he was not seeing my report so he kept sending his report to me while I responded with his report for 3 periods.

On the 4th period he dropped my call and went on to work a different station - my first failure to work an F&H QSO !

What I didn't expect was that my transmitter was moved off the Fox frequency to a different one (but still below 1000Hz) and WSJT kept sending my report to the Fox. It continued to do this for some time and the timer didn't come into operation which it does when you are just calling the Fox. 

Eventually I manually stopped the transmission, moved my frequency back above 1000Hz and started calling anew.
Glad to say I was selected and completed a short while later....

My question - is it supposed to continuously send a report to the Fox after the QSO has been abandoned - (I can check my all.txt file to see just how long).
The Fox called CQ several times before I stopped WSJT sending the report as it was obvious he wasn't seeing me or going to come back with the RR73 I needed.
If I had let it continue would the Fox eventually have picked me up while transmitting a report in "no mans land"?

For the record I was using V2.2.2
Tony G4NBS

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