Locked Any Faster/Easier Way? #FT8


I usually run two instances of WSJT-X concurrently (FT8).
I often swap the bands on which each instances is operating in order to swap the (mutually perpendicular) antennas fed by the radios driven by those instances.

For example, I start by running the rig "I" instance on 40M (using an E/W antenna) and the rig "Y" instance on 80M (using a N/S antenna).
After a while, I'll swap and run the rig "Y" instance on 40M (using the N/S antenna) and the rig "I" instance on 80M (using the E/W antenna).

If I want to get the advantage of colors for stations I've worked on each band since each instance was first started, I must rescan the ADIF file (I presume the contents are cached upon startup and maintained in memory for the coloring function).
I do this by pressing F2 (to show the "Settings" dialog) and clicking the "Rescan ADF Log" button on the "Colors" tab.

Other than re-starting each instance whenever I am moving to a band the other instance has worked, is there a better/faster way to keep the colors working properly?

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