locked 646,693 files & 203 GIGAbytes ! #IssueReport

JP Tucson, AZ

I have had "SAVE" set to NONE set for a long time.

Was looking over the PC (Win10), and saw that AGAIN my C: drive was nearly 2/3 full ! (this is my system drive and it normally only has about 31 GB on it for the system & a few other things)- Going through it, I found  646,693 files worth over 203 GB of data in the user... wsjtx - "save" directory...  from late Sept. of 2020 till present- INCLUDING the 
NEW Version v2.3.0 GA  !!!  Again, I verified that SAVE was set to off in ver 2.2.2, v2.3.0-rc1 thru 4, and the new v2.3.0, all ARE set to off, yet still saving, even after I deleted all of the junk and the directory, it just reopened a new 'save' directory and still saves files.  So apparently, the NONE button under save, does... nothing, just dead.

That was after I FOUND IT!  What I mean is, that the user...wsjtx...save file was set to HIDDEN, but certainly NOT BY ME!  I have NO hidden files, directories, etc. on my computer - since I am the only one using it, and it is password protected (mainly from burglars, if nothing else), there is no reason to hide it.

Anyway, the WSJTX issue here in that since it is set to off, WHY IS IT STILL SAVING it.

And then the following occurred to me... lots of people here are reporting strange operations, S L O W ... ops, etc. - it seems to me that wsjtx has way, waaaay too much overhead, especially in the file saving arena!!!
It's saving to the log file, it's saving to the adi file, it's saving to the large & ever growing all.txt file, and despite SAVE being turned off (NONE), it is still saving the HUGE .wav files!!!!!

I suggest the following;
a) please fix and ensure the .wav files really are NOT being saved when we select 'NONE'!
a1) Please look into if there is some code bug that is hiding the 'save' directory & .wav files (probably unintentionally- burp... it happens
     btw, it did not re-hide the directory, so I don't know if it does this when on of the versions was installed, or when it became hidden.

b) Please breakup the ALL.TXT file into smaller daily files- it will make searching for things easier, and prevent the file from becoming to large to open or search.
b1) In fact, a small utility would be useful - that would allow a user to search the log file for a callsign or date & time, then open up the appropriate all.txt file to that proper area.

Thank you 

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