Re: F/H mode malfunction or operator error? #FoxAndHound

Martin G0HDB

On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 07:02 PM, John, K9MM wrote:

I checked my all.txt file. He was on 18095 not 18100.

John, K9MM
Ok John, understood.  Sounds like J28PJ was a 'genuine' Fox so I can't explain why your rig didn't QSY down to the Fox's frequency when you were called, unless there was some sort of temporary glitch in your CAT control.  I've never experienced any similar issues with v2.2.2 (or earlier versions) when I've been in Hound mode, although there haven't been many Foxes around recently so the opportunity to use F/H mode has been rather limited!

Martin G0HDB

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