Re: F/H mode malfunction or operator error? #FoxAndHound

Martin G0HDB

On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 01:08 PM, John, K9MM wrote:

Last evening, 4U1UN had many calling him on 40M FT8, so he announced he
was switching to F/H mode on 7056. He had about a dozen strong callers
from NA, SA, and EU, but was making few QSOs and sending many reports
repeatedly. After awhile, I stopped calling and just watched what was
going on in both even and odd time slots. In many cases, he would give
someone a report and they would reply, but their transmit frequency did
NOT shift down to his...

That sounds like the stations calling 4U1UN weren't correctly configured to use Hound mode, with the consequence that their stations wouldn't automatically QSY down to the 4U1UN Fox's Tx frequency when they were called.

It still amazes me how many operators just don't seem to have a grasp on how to chase a Fox using Hound mode - for example, the great numbers of people who call the Fox below 1000Hz and expect the Fox to respond to their calls!

Also, you say that J28PJ was using F/H mode on 17m - if your QSO was on the standard frequency of 18100kHz then it's almost certain that J28PJ was using the MSHV multi-stream variant of WSJT-X and not the genuine F/H mode.  AFAIK the latter prevents its use on the standard frequencies.

Martin G0HDB

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