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A lot of people on this forum seem to have a problem with delayed or dropped decodes.  I think you are correct that the problem is latency, but I have tried everything to fix it and I can't make my problem go away. New drivers, registry entries, port speeds. I can't figure it.

Is this something West Mountain might work on?

 I am really not sure what to do, and it is taking the fun out of digital modes for me. Any advice appreciated.

Bill K1NS

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Audio is the problem actually. The symptoms are few decodes and it looks like sometimes the program's decode is happening at odd times. The RIGblaster uses the HSP and HFP Bluetooth® profiles. Sample rate conversion doesn't seem to be a problem in any other digital mode software and I'm not convinced it's the problem here, it may be more related to latency perhaps, or how WSJT-X opens/closes sound channels in the RX/TX period. I've tried the Microsoft Bluetooth® stack in Windows 10 but also the software stack provided with one of the Bluetooth® 4.0 dongles I have here to test with similar results. Also tried this in Ubuntu with the same dongles and same issue. I've tried CSR and Broadcom dongles.


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