locked #FT8 decodes #FT8

Jacques Pecourt

A phenomenon I cannot understand. For some unknown raisons my screen “band activity” will become blank at random times. However, decodes continue to appear on the Waterfall and on the “RX Frequency” screen window. I suspected the TX watchdog (set by default at 6) was the culprit and I changed it eventually to the ridiculous value of 99. The occurrence continues to appear randomly every 10 - 20 minutes or whatever.  The only way to recover is to turn OFF and ON WSJT-X. I also noticed that, just prior to the blank activity, the number of decodes  goes suddenly down from 25 or 30 to just 4 or 5 entries. The Task manager normally shows CPU usage of 5 to 15% during normal cycles. There are no other functions or background activities connected to the computer. I have all possible “hibernate USB functions” turned OFF. I am still using v2.1.2 0068f9 since I am using a new 590G. I did not want to introduce  too many changes at once. Any help on this issue? Thank you.

Jacques W2/F2YS

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