UDP Datagram - delay between WSJT-X and logger. #networking


The last couple of days, I've noticed the delay between WSJT-X sending the datagram and my logger receiving it being in excess of 2 minutes. Both times I had had the event viewer open and using VS2019 to try and trap an exception in my logger. I rebooted to clear any residual effect of the event viewer and without VS2019 attached was seeing delays of about 12s, which is what I remember seeing before installing -rc4. Unfortunately my logger died too soon to see how consistent this was.

I restarted my logger and attached VS2019 and again initially I was seeing delays of about 12s. After somewhile this drifted out to about 35s, but drifted back again.

I have configured the UDP connection as point-to-point with my logger as UDP server on port 2237.

I had always seen a delay between hitting the log button on WSJT-X and my logging seeing the datagram, but I had put that down to the WSJT-X scheduling algorithm and waiting until it had spare CPU to send the datagram.

As I am now more aware that others are using JTAlert and other servers to annotate their WSJT-X windows, I now assume that even 12s is a ridiculuously long time. This might be because I am polling the UDP port, I haven't found out how to get the serial port to interrupt my code. I need to study the Windows documentation more thoroughly, unless anyone has any ideas.

73 Phil GM3ZZA
73 Phil GM3ZZA

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