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I still politely disagree. If you are a station calling on some exotic island it would be natural to have a pileup, in any mode. What you are advocating is everyone around the world trying to make contact randomly spread out all over the waterfall and all TX at the exact same time thereby filling up the slots available.  There is a conversation on the group about how many simultaneous contacts can be going on. Doing this could potentially limit the entire usable bandwidth to a single station and the responders.

One thing people ALWAYS forget is just because you don't hear a conversation on a frequency doesn't mean that just out of your range to hear there is possibly a conversation happening especially in peak hours on a band like 40m FT8. For rare DX you are advocating who knows how many people to flood the band essentially rather than take one spot and work it until you get through.  This is tantamount to an SSB op calling and asking everyone to randomly spread out every 2.5 KHz up and down the band.

I am fully aware of the ability to receive all through the audio spectrum of a given frequency and hearing multiple responders.

Again, not a very fair usage of the band for the rest of us.  Pretty sure the whole thing has started to change into a contesting mode at this point anyway.  I too get disappointed when my responses seem to go unanswered by a rare station and I have occasionally split off but not all over the band. I tend to go slightly high or low to try there but usually only half the signal width of the calling station.  That's me being courteous if I can be.

If you could hear simultaneous responses to SSB or CW up and down the band no matter where people were actually responding, would you still advocate this behavior for SSB or CW?

I try to minimize band usage and power.  The other abuse is throwing a killowatt signal at someone to make sure you get through a pileup, but hey, we can't make people be civil I suppose.  We can only ask them to be good stewards.

I leave the rest of this conversation up to everyone else. I just don't operate that way and find it a dangerous precedent to set.


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