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SSB is different? If you ever chase rare DX they always want to be answered on a different frequency. There in gives you a hint there might be a problem piling on where he are calling. If any idiot piles on is frequency they will receive a hornets nest of "split" instructions.
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Personally I see this as cutting the available bandwidth in half. It’s similar to telling everyone to run split. Takes 2 frequencies to make a QSO that way.  As I figure it, if someone is calling CQ, you double tap to answer and move to his frequency that’s normal in every other mode. If you are the station responding to someone’s call, at the end of the conversation, move off and find your own open spot OR, go find others to respond to.  The bad manners in the situation is taking over someone else’s spot if you are responding to someone’s call.  Not occupying 2 spots on the crowded bands to make a QSO.


This is different than wandering around the dial looking for people calling CQ to respond to in SSB or CW modes, mostly.  In other modes you wander around, find a station looking for a contact and park there and respond. When you are done you move off.  If you want to call CQ, find an empty spot and start calling.  Now – the notable bug in that ointment is that you can effectively “hear” multiple people calling and answering calls all at the same time in these digital modes where as in SSB or even CW, that’s not the case.  Yet, if you use an SDR with a spectrum display, you can still essentially “see” other conversations going on and don’t actually need to drive the dial to them.


I guess what I am saying is I don’t see why these digital modes should operate all that much differently from SSB and CW.  If you’re the guy calling, it’s your frequency.  If you responded to a call, don’t start calling stations before you move your transmit frequency off the other guys spot.  It should be that easy.


When I see folks QRZ page stating they won’t answer on their own frequency, I don’t bother with them as I see those folks as wasting bandwidth.   But hey, what do I know, right?


My 2 cents (not adjusted for inflation)




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