Re: Tail ending my signal #FT8

Martin G0HDB

On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 06:49 PM, Bobby Chandler wrote:
... when I double click the calling
station, my Tx does not move to the calling station, as you would think
it should.
Your Tx frequency will only move to the calling station's frequency if you DON'T have 'Hold Tx Freq' checked.  When it is checked then your Tx frequency WON'T move when you double-click on the calling station, which is exactly what's intended and expected (and is also the preferred modus operandi).

You also said that you use 'Hold Tx Freq' when the band isn't crowded and there's no open hole to park in - I think you've got something slightly the wrong way round there!  Surely, if the band isn't crowded then there should be plenty of holes across the passband in which to park and hold your Tx frequency??!!

Martin G0HDB

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