Locked Re: #BugReport : Bug or a (removed) feature : WSJT-X is still occupying PTT-CommPort after interval #IssueReport

Bill Somerville

Hi Tobias,

of course pass the information along. It is not really a feature of WSJT-X, WSJT-X simply has a means of setting arbitrary Hamlib configuration parameters and this is one use of that. There was an issue in earlier WSJT-X v2.3.0 release candidates as the configuration parameters specified in hamlib_settings.json were not being applied to PTT only devices, that has been corrected.


On 28/01/2021 14:42, Tobias DG3LV wrote:

Hi Bill !

Thank you for reply and the information. It works !

Had this option been made public before ? I did not read anything like
that in the release notes for WSJT-X RC2 to RC4 nor in the online manual
of K1JT.

Is it okay for you when I redistribute this information to the
RSGB-lf-group ?

Thank you and stay healthy !
73 de dg3lv Tobias

Am 28.01.2021 um 14:03 schrieb Bill Somerville:
On 28/01/2021 12:31, Tobias DG3LV wrote:
Hi to all !

Program version
WSJT-X 2.3.0 rc2, rc3, rc4
Operating system
MS Windows 7 prof/64Bit

Concise description of the problem
All WSPR/WSJT-X versions before 2.3.0-RC2 did open the COMM-Port for PTT
just for the time of transmission of a single (2-minute-)sequence, then
the COMM-Port was closed again and was available to other parallel
instances of WSJT-X (or other programs).
The Problem : This does no longer work beginning with WSJT-X 2.3.0-rc2.
Now the COMM-Port is occupied (=held open) by WSJT-X all the time after
a single PTT-activation until the program is exited.

When starting a second instance of WSJT-x with configured PTT via
COMM-Port(DTR) the program issues an error-message complaining about a
"Rig control Error".

Exact sequence of steps required to reproduce the problem
configure PTT via COMM-Port (DTR). Easiest way to reproduce is using the
"Tune"-function, but problem is not limited to "Tune".
Start first instance of WSJT-X, click on "Tune", PTT starts
transmitting,"Tune" is red, click on "Tune" again to release PTT,
transmission ends, "Tune" is white. Start a second instance of WSJT-X,
try to click on "Tune", now Error message "Rig control Error" is issued.
The only remedy is to un-configure the PTT of any of both instances and
switch it to "VOX".

All versions of WSJT-X and WSPR prior to WSJT-X 2.3.0-rc2 had no
problems with multiple instances as long a only one instance is
transmitting at a time.

Was this feature removed intentionally or is this a bug of 2.3.0-RC2 to
-RC4 ?

This behavior had been reported to the team earlier (at -RC2) by Paul
N1BUG after an email-exchange with me.

73 de dg3lv Tobias

Hi Tobias,

the Hamlib team made this feature optional, you now have to enable it.
Create a file in your WSJT-X log file directory ("Menu->File->Open log
directory") called hamlib_settings.json and put the following text into it:

     "config": {
     "ptt_share": "1"


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