Re: Tail ending my signal #FT8

Martin G0HDB

On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 12:08 PM, Bobby Chandler wrote:
When someone 'tail ends' my QSO and after logging, I double click the station calling, the Tx stays on the station I have been working. 
Is this normal, or should my Tx freq. move to the station I am calling?
Hi Bobby, it's usually preferable not to transmit on the frequency of the station you're calling or working; the generally-recommended practice is to have the 'Hold Tx Freq' option checked and to place your red Tx cursor on what looks like a clear slot on the waterfall.  This will ensure that you're always Tx'ing at the same spot and your Tx frequency isn't hopping around the band every time you call someone or when a new station calls you and you click on their call.

In my experience this almost always seems to work better, although I've very, very occasionally found that a station will only work me if I transmit on their frequency - I don't know why this might be.  Perhaps some people don't fully understand the concept of 'split'...  :-)

Martin G0HDB

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