locked Re: Not decoding stations on FT-891 #FT8


I am interested in this issue. My first guess would be Receiver settings. Most kinds of problems like you report revolve around the issues below. Most people are not aware of the affect these settings have.


  • Do you have any kind of notch filter such ANF?
  • Is your bandpass filters wide enough.
  • Do you have rx preamp off?
  • AGC off?
  • What is the overall S meter reading while operating FT8? if S meter is showing above S9, then after you shut off preamp then reduce RF gain to about S8. Anything above S8 causes problems.

Feel free to email me direct with answers to the above and we will go from there.

73, Bruce, W8HW@...


On 1/27/2021 4:47 PM, Tom wrote:
I am not decoding very many stations on FT-8 on my FT-891 vs what I decode on my IC-7300.  On my FT-891 I only decode 2 or 3 stations and on my IC -7300 I decode 25 or more stations.  This is on the same band at the same time.

Anyone got any ideas??

73 Tom K9VER

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