locked Re: #Install # #Cat_RigControl Hamlib error: Invalid parameter while testing getting current VFO #install #Cat_RigControl

James Anderson

I have a fake PL2303 USB to serial lead for the FT857.
I didn't know it at the time as it ran fine for several years until the update stuffed it for me.

I followed these instructions to install the drivers for this lead.

If I don't do this "procedure"  then in device manager it tells me in very bold writing, that this isn't a prolific device etc etc etc...

It's the only way that I've found to over come this with the current lead that I have.

It's the only way I have found to get the correct driver installed.

Windows updates will bugger this up for you so keep this install handy as you will have to do it every now and then.

It basically installs the driver for the Prolific USB to serial Comm port Version (24/09/2008) and is the only one that I've found to work.

I've literally just used this download and installed this driver again to verify that it works but please don't flame me if things go wrong on your machine. I only say this to cover myself but It has just worked for me.

Run the installer with the lead unplugged and then follow the prompts.

Hope this helps.

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