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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

No but DXLabs suite can. If you use it with spot collector it will color the stations to show if they are confirmed users of LoTW and of Eqsl. Very handy and the database it uses is update often. Check it out. There is np better logging system for general log and award tracking and it is free and SUPER well supported.

+ Here's an example:


+ A callsign highlighted in yellow is known to participate in LoTW, and has uploaded QSOs with a time frame that you can specify

+ A callsign highlighted in pink is known to participate in eQSL, and is Authenticity Guaranteed (AG)

+ A callsign highlighted in light blue is known to participate in both eQSL AG and LoTW

+ V7/KX4QD is rendered in red font because one of my objectives is to confirm all DXCC entities in FT8, and I haven't yet accomplished that with V7.

+ Font colors and background colors are user-specified.

+ DXLab supports mixed, band, mode objectives for the DXCC, IOTA, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, and WPX award families. Zone-band-mode objectives are supported for the WAZ award family.

+ For more information, see



Dave, AA6YQ

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