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Well, that's what I get for spending the last 7 months retiring and moving.
Finally getting back into the swing of the hobby but TOTALLY missed the 2.0
thing. That makes perfect sense. In my career days, we called this a BFO -
a Blinding Flash of the Obvious...

Thanks again. Will try out 2.0 tomorrow morning.



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If you are getting minimal decodes in version 1.9.1, it might be because
most users have moved to the 2.0 release and version 1.9.1 will not decode
those signals new 77 bit signals, even though you can still hear them.

I deleted 1.9.1 from my system shortly after I upgraded to 2.0. I was no
longer hearing much to decode in the old version anymore to warrant keeping

So maybe you are hearing people using version 2.0, the 77 bit system, and
cannot decode those with 1.9.1. ??? If I misunderstood you, I apologize,
but I wanted very badly to try to help.

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