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Bill Somerville

On 17/01/2021 21:22, KEN G4APB via groups.io wrote:
file name :- user_hardware.bat 040
SerialSend.exe “QM6.010;”

where SerialSend defaults to the baud rate, port parameters needed and the ‘QM’ command is the QCX mini radio command I want to send to it.
This batch file is meant to be run when wsjtx hops to 40m band. I want to send a different command when wsjtx hops to 80m.

thanks for your patience Bill.
73 Ken G4apb 

Hi Ken,

you need something like this (untested):

IF "%1"=="160" (
  SerialSend "QM6.008;"
) ELSE IF "%1"=="80" (
  SerialSend "QM6.009;"
) ELSE IF "%1"=="40" (
 SerialSend "QM6.010;"

I don't know what your QCX quick menu entries are so you will probably have to adjust.


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