locked Re: Hamlib error v2.3.0-rc3 on Mac OS #IssueReport #macOS #Cat_RigControl

Rob Freedman

I have also been struggling mightily with Mac OS Big Sur, USB interface III. and ICOM 7000. Worked perfectly (WSTJ-X FT-8 and WSPR) before upgrade to Big Sur. I also loaded the latest version of WSTJ-X and reloaded the FTLI drivers. I get audio and decodes, but no CAT control and get the HamLib IO error when I test CAT or hit the transmit button on WSTJ-X. I have poured through all the documentation for WSTJ-X, the MicroHam USB interface (primarily an external sound card), but have not found a solution. Has anyone run across this and solved it?
Rob WC0R

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