locked Re: Involuntary CQing

Reino Talarmo

>The same DX station or whatever station is still there after restart, but WSJT-X selects CQ and transmits CQ when Tx is enabled.  How frustrating is that?

When there are too many CQs it's called air pollution.        ;-)  73 Mike K7LNT

Hi Mike,
Unfortunately WSJT-X is not a thinking robot. WSJT-X remembers last potential QSO partner. It does not remember what happened in that QSO. So it needs advice from the operator. As default WSJT-X assumes that user has completed the QSO and proposes CQ, but gives an opportunity to select a message for the previous QSO / QSO attempt.
CQ is most neutral message of those already populated messages, which may as well be from last week. WSJT-X does not know which call signs are rare DXs, hi!

So why you need to enable TX before choosing a proper station/message? I prefer to listen first after a reboot to know, whether there is an opportunity to call again without just making QRM.

73, Reino OH3mA


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