moderated Re: Possible solution to crashes & slow/intermittent operation #install #wsjt-x-crashing

Charlie Hoffman

Thank you for that info.
I will turn off the gaming mode but I do frequently use the screen or video capture features so I'll need to remember to reenable it when needed.

My largest boost in performance was from changing from MS Access to MySQL for my HRD logging.
The larger the DB got the slower my system ran.   I even had to limit my log size to one year at a time.
Now that I changed to MySQL, the DB size does not seem to have an slowing effect on speed.

The next best performance increase came from changing from a mechanical disk drive to a SSD.
They are so inexpensive now that I highly recommend that everyone change and use the original drive as a backup.

I'm using a I7 laptop with W10 for my HAM computing needs.

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