Re: Kicking out of Enable TX #transmit

Dave Garber

In addition. If you select hold and the party you are calling moves to your hold frequency it will also kick you out if he answers someone else.

On Wed., Jan. 13, 2021, 9:28 a.m. neil_zampella, <neilz@...> wrote:

The system will disable Tx if you are answering a CQ caller on their frequency or within a few Hz (I forget exactly) of that frequency.  Its always done that.   This is another reason its advised to try to find a clear area on the waterfall, set your Tx frequency there, and check the HOLD TX box.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 1/13/2021 7:34 AM, Williams, G (af8c) via wrote:
I am looking for any known reasons for TX Enable to be knocked off like that.  It's too late now to see whether my frequency was close to his.  Assuming that in some QSO someday this will happen again, I will then check on the frequencies.

--73, Glenn, AF8C

On 1/13/2021 4:00 AM, Reino Talarmo via wrote:

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Hi Bill,


Recently I experienced a problem in FT8 operation (V2.2.2) where I was trying to work TI5GAX. After I clicked Enable TX, after two 15 second cycles the Enable TX was turned off without my input.  This happened twice and then after that I was able to continue normally.  This problem occurred today with a different attempted QSO but I now don't remember the other operator's call sign.

So today I decided to look into ALL.TXT to see if there were any clues for the problem. I did not find any crumbs in the file to indicate what the problem was. Nothing was found even with a hexadecimal view. Is there a known reason?

2. Below is a section of ALL.TXT, probably not for when (1) occurred. I have edited all \x20  space characters to comma for clarity.

There are two styles of text strings. First is for most text lines. Second is where my transmit occurred. Notice the long fill of commas at the end of the strings. Is this also by design or perhaps an oversight?  I don't believe this feature is related to the cause of the problem in (1).   (To save space I have removed some unrelated text lines.)



--73, Glenn, AF8C

Hi Glenn,
Unfortunately the ALL.TXT clip is not about that instance. ALL.txt file is just a record what you received and sent converted into human readable format. If you provide us an ALL.TXT clip, please, don’t edit it as it is easier to read without editing, hi! The long strings of space characters at the end of some lines are normal.

Only question can ask, were your TX frequency on or close to TI5GAX frequency and did TI5GAX answered to somebody else, when your Tx enable went off?

73, Reino OH3mA






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