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On 13/01/2021 15:37, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 13/01/2021 14:42, Gary - AG0N wrote:
On Jan 13, 2021, at 05:06, Austin 2E0MNV<avaughan585@gmail.com>  wrote:

This is expected behaviour and is considered normal.
I'm just curious why it happens
Because lots of people look on pskreporter to see who might be hearing them that they need for a new grid, state, or country.  They see that you were hearing them and so they call you.  It happens a lot.  I’ll sometimes walk into the shack and see one or two have called me since the last time I was there.

Gary - AG0N
the OP showed and example of an obviously false decode, did you even look at his example? It is nothing to do with folks monitoring PSK Reporter and making speculative calls. There are millions of potential messages that can show up as false decodes, they are ultimately only limited by probability, if you leave WSJT-X monitoring long enough the extremely low probability of a false decode will nevertheless eventually throw out a false decode when the waveform of band noise and signals happens to look like a valid message. Note I said valid message, not a true decode of something that was transmitted. AP decoding increases the probability of false decodes slightly because it uses less message bits to achieve a decode, that's why AP decodes are marked. Likewise decodes that use something near the maximum amount of FEC parity bits to construct a decode are marked with a '?' to notify you to treat them with a small amount of suspicion in case they too are bogus.
And with that I'm giving notice that this thread will be closed at approximately 1200 GMT tomorrow as this thread has got in a muddle for the reason stated below and both topics have been previously discussed and explained.

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